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Last modified: Thu Jan 30 22:22:48 MET 2003

Jan 30, 2003: I rewrote large parts of this page and included some screen shots.

Recently I've spent quite a while in practice room 1, answering questions of newbies, looking at hundreds of programs and challenging some of them. From that experience, I thought it might be a good idea to address some issues I came across there. First some more important things.

General note: TopCoder sometimes changes its website/system a bit and I might not be able to keep this page up to date, although I'll try to. You can help me - when you notice a mistake here or would like me to include or rewrite something, please let me know.

Ok, let's begin...

Now some more things that came to my troubled mind but that are not so important. They are also more like advice from myself and other people might have different opinions about some of this. Feel free to hate me if you disagree with something. Or better, tell me about it and I might change my mind.

Stefan Pochmann