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I also have a YouTube Channel with more recent videos.

Regular Speedsolving
screenshot 3x3x3 in 13.53 seconds. Everybody has to have a 3x3 video so here's mine.
screenshot Megaminx in 1 minute 21.67 seconds. Quite a good solve and my fastest on video. Megaminx is my favourite puzzle.
screenshot Domino in 14.20 seconds. The unofficial world record.
screenshot 3x3x3 one-handed in 23.63 seconds. Fairly good for me, I average more like 30 seconds.
screenshot Master Magic in 2.74 seconds. Thanks a lot to Bob Burton for motivation and to Alexander Ooms for the wonderful improvement, turning my old ugly part into a really nice one.
screenshot Square-1 PLL method. In 2005 I invented this easy method to permute the last layer of the Square-1 because I kept forgetting algorithms for it. More text on my Square-1 page.
screenshot 4x4 Centers. I invented my own method for solving the centers of the 4x4.
screenshot Master Magic HowTo 2. A while ago Alexander Ooms found a wonderful improvement making my solution method even better. This video shows the improved solution three times, from very slow to very fast.
screenshot Magic without regripping. Shows how I solve the Magic without regripping. Of course normally I use a few more fingers and the heel of my right hand and actually I use the middle fingers together with thumbs, not the index fingers. Note that this is not the only way without regripping, Quinn Lewis for example found another one and I know another guy who does it still differently. So just let this inspire you, try to find an execution that works well for you.
screenshot Official World Record for Rubik's Magic. (not anymore) Thanks a lot to Lars Vandenbergh who recorded my official world record of 1.36 seconds at the Dutch Cube Day 2004.
screenshot Official World Record for Rubik's Clock. (not anymore) Thanks a lot to Lars Vandenbergh who recorded my official world record of 9.05 seconds at the Dutch Cube Day 2004.
screenshot Master Magic HowTo. I keep this one for sentimental reasons (turn on the speakers when you watch it). This was my method before Alexander Ooms improved the ugly part, turning it into a nice one (watch the "HowTo 2" video for that).
screenshot Magic in 0.83 seconds. My best attempt on video. I used the preview mode of TMPGEnc 2.5 to determine the time.
screenshot UuRr 4x4 in 1:21.76. Here I solve the 4x4 by only twisting the upper two layers and the right two layers. It's a lot of fun!
screenshot Assembling the cube in 16 seconds. A while back I got the record of 14.2 seconds. See the speedcubing.com record list. No two pieces touch each other at start and the cube must be solved at the end.
screenshot Clock in 10 seconds. Normal solve. Thanks a lot to Maria Rivilis for recording this.

Stefan Pochmann
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