Wetten, dass..? vom 5. November

With this method I won the world championship 2005 and had the official world records 2.79 seconds single solve and 3.36 seconds average (of 5) as well as the unofficial world records 2.62 seconds single solve and 3.11 seconds average (of 10). All of these records have been beaten by other people by now, though. Some of them used this method, but the fastest use Alexander Ooms's new method.

image Master Magic in 2.74 seconds. Thanks a lot to Bob Burton for motivation and to Alexander Ooms for the wonderful improvement, turning my old ugly part into a really nice one.
image Master Magic HowTo 2. A while ago Alexander Ooms found a wonderful improvement making my solution method even better. This video shows the improved solution three times, from very slow to very fast.
image Master Magic HowTo. I keep this one for sentimental reasons (turn on the speakers when you watch it). This was my method before Alexander Ooms improved the ugly part, turning it into a nice one (watch the "HowTo 2" video for that).

Stefan Pochmann
Last modified: July 06 2011, 00:12:43