Wetten, dass..? vom 5. November

I've found a few algs using the great ACube program and for easier reference both for me and others I'm finally putting the algs I use (not just the ones I found myself) on this page now. If you want to watch them, please copy&paste them into this very useful page with an applet. The PLL names are taken from Jessica Fridrich's PLL page. The OLL numbers are from Bob Burton's OLL page.

F perm --- R' U R U' R2' F' U' F U R U' x' R2 U' R' U --- (videos: 1.63, slow)
Maybe found with ACube or modified by hand from previously known alg, don't remember.

N1 perm --- R U' R' U l U F U' R' F' R U' R U l' U R' --- (videos: 1.80, slow)
Found with ACube and optimizing by hand, but I don't exactly remember how.

N2 perm --- R' U R U' R' F' U' F R U R' F R' F' R U' R
F<->B mirror of the N1 perm. I never change grip with the left hand, though it does tilt the cube a bit.

E perm --- l' U' L' U R U' l U R' U' L U R U' l' U
Found with ACube, restricting moves to <U,L,R,F> and then optimizing the short algs by hand. Once ACube supports double-layer turns it will be so much more powerful.

V perm --- R' U R' d' R' F' R2 U' R' U R' F R F
Found with ACube, don't remember how.

F perm --- R' U2 R' d' R' F' R2 U' R' U R' F R U' F
Built from my V perm alg with setup moves (R' U R). I have seen many different V perms with the same start (R' U R U') so go ahead and try converting it to an F perm like this as well, the cancellations at start are good and maybe you can cancel something at the end, too.

Y perm --- z' U2 L' U' L U L' y' L' U' R U' R' U' L U
Found with ACube, don't remember how. This is the alg I use for one-handed cubing. Only having <U,L,R> is very good for this I think, these moves are easy to execute with one hand (I use my left hand).

Y perm --- z U2 R U R' U' R y R U L' U L U R' U'
Mirror of the previous alg. I don't use this one, but maybe someone else likes it for one-handed or regular speedsolving.

E perm --- (r' R' U') (L D' L' U L) (R U' R' D R) U
Found with ACube and optimizing myself. This is not the alg that I use, even though it's short and has no F or B turns and flows ok. The other alg is just faster for me. But you should try this one and see for yourself. I think I saw Takahito Domon use this alg in a video but I'm not sure, at least he executed it differently.

OLL 49 --- r' U' (x U) R' U' x l' l' U L U' R' U x
Found with ACube and optimizing myself. I love my special finger tricks here.

OLL 14 --- L F' F' U R' U' F' U l D' (x U') L'
Found with ACube and optimizing myself.

Stefan Pochmann
Last modified: September 20 2007, 15:23:29