Wetten, dass..? vom 5. November

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The competition and spectator areas in the early morning. Look at all the puzzles (cubes and snakes) on all sides... image
A closer look at the competition area, Dave and Chrissi of Seven Towns building up the timers. image
Waaah, I want them all!!! image
First prize is a trip to Florida? Wow, not bad for a national championship... image
A view from behind the scenes. In the background you can see a part of the toy section of the store. image
The trophies. image
On the left is a cover that the judges used to hide the cubes from the competitors right before their solve. Much cooler than a sheet of paper. On the right is a 25th anniversary cube. Will they be sold soon? image
One of the posters advertising the championship in other places of the store. image
The first competitors (this is ??) are eager to practice and getting used to the timers... image
Registration, with Antonio and Alvaro in front. image
Lucas and Manuel starting to practice. image
Manuel getting used to the timer. Even before I saw him twist a cube, I said to myself he looks like an excellent speedcuber. I was right, later he made 3rd place and in practice he had a time of about 22 seconds. image
Dave being filmed while scrambling. image
Welcome speech before the start (Alvaro, Ana, Antonio, Ricardo). image
Antonio and Alvaro starting the comptition, Chrissi and Dave judging them. Antonio and Alvaro went first because later they were the judges for all other competitors, while Dave, Chrissi and I were scrambling. image
Ok, now the place is looking full. View from the place where we scrambled, the scrambles and other stuff hidden behind a wall of cubes. image
Ana and Dave entering the times into the computers. image
During a break, we went to eat something. Of course we kept cubing and talking about cubing ;-) That's El Meri, Natalia, Manuel, Luis, Lucas and me. image
Manuel during his last solve in the finals. image
Luis with his last solve. image
Jose and the very last solve of the competition. image
Jose, Alvaro, Luis, Lucas and Manuel solving the cube onehanded. image
Jose, Alvaro and Luis. image
Lucas and Manuel. image
Winner's ceremony begins, competitors getting some special prizes. image
Jose and Lucas unpacking their silver cubes. image
Alvaro, Luis, Manuel, Lucas and Jose posing for the cameras with their silver cubes. Manuel got one with a stand (which looks great, but you can't turn the cube normally anymore ;-) image
Jose getting a cube trophy from Dave for his Spanish record of 25.04 seconds. image
Manuel getting his prize and a trophy for getting 3rd place (36.22 average in the finals). I had the pleasure of giving the trophies to the winners. image
Luis got 2nd place (33.57 average in the finals). image
Ernesto, the Spanish champion (31.43 average in the finals). Congratulations!!! Next to him are Ana, Susana and Maria (of Popular de Juguetes). image
Spanish champion Ernesto and a strange German guy... image
Every competitor got this Popular de Juguetes bag with a Rubik's neckband, a keychain 3x3 and a computer mouse with little cubes floating around inside. I also got one, they had some left. No cube pictures on the bag, but at least 3*3 pictures image
Big group picture. Thanks to Alvaro for this picture and the next two. image
Every competitor got some sort of 'diploma'. image
Antonio and Alvaro also got some trophies for their support. Thanks, guys! image

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