Wetten, dass..? vom 5. November

Alright. My first (dis)assembling page. It's October 30, 2003 and I just disassembled, cleaned, lubed and reassembled my old Rubik's Domino I got as a child. If you're reading this *and* own a domino then I'm sure you already know how to lube, so I'll just provide some pics of my whole process and short comments. Thanks to Sandy Thompson for the tips/inspiration.

Disclaimer: Disassemble etc at your own risk. I did my best to describe thoroughly what I did with my puzzle, but yours may be built differently or may have more glue or any other problem so that it might not be as easily disassembled as mine. Ok, let's get started...


After removing the white center cap. I used a very sharp knife to and then two screwdrivers to push it up until I got it out.



First look inside.



Separated all pieces of one half. Real dirty...



After cleaning. I prefer a microfiber towel of which I cut out the pieces I need. I never use a piece twice. It's really cheap, especially compared to a Domino.



After lubing. Yes, I know it doesn't look much different. Used one towel piece for each half (I spray the towel for lubing, not the puzzle).



After assembling. Yes! It turns so well!!!



After solving. Of course I had to immediately solve it. Ok, admittedly I solved both halves independently. Update (much later): by now I'm not only able to solve it completely, but I'm also the world's #1 at it: 14.20 single and 17.71 average.

solved_white solved_black

Stefan Pochmann
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