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The clock is glued and you'll need force and good tools. I highly recommend that you don't do this to your clock if you have emotions for it ;-) I bought a cheap clock from ebay for this. I would never do this to my own old clock from childhood. Note that you will damage it a little bit, and it will be visible that the clock was opened, but it's not that bad if you're careful (have a look at the second picture). There are four "pins" on the sides around the clock (no, I'm not talking about the big yellow pins) which you should not break, since they help holding the two halves together. They are maybe not glued, or not that much. Also be careful about your hands, don't hurt yourself. This puzzle is very hard to disassemble!

Disclaimer: Disassemble etc at your own risk. I did my best to describe thoroughly what I did with my puzzle, but yours may be built differently or may have more glue or any other problem so that it might not be as easily disassembled as mine. Ok, let's get started...


This is how a disassembled Rubik's Clock looks like:



How it looks like afterwards. You can see the adhesive tape that holds it together. It's also held together by three of the four pins on the sides, one unfortunately broke. On a second clock I opened, none of them broke. I've of course cleaned and lubed it inside. You can see the red marked parts, this is where you have to break the glue. The green marked part is not glued I think, don't break that pin! This btw is the clock I used to win the world championship 2005 and get my official and unofficial world records.


These are the tools I used: Note that the first one has a very thin and rectangular (!) blade which is extremely helpful.

special_knife knife

Stefan Pochmann
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