Wetten, dass..? vom 5. November

November 4, 2003. Today I disassembled, cleaned, lubed and reassembled my Rainbow Cube I got from Ton at the Dutch Cube Day 2003. If you'd like larger pictures (1280x960) please just contact me.

Disclaimer: Disassemble etc at your own risk. I did my best to describe thoroughly what I did with my puzzle, but yours may be built differently or may have more glue or any other problem so that it might not be as easily disassembled as mine. Ok, let's get started...


First attempt. I found this screw and could even turn it but it didn't have any effect. Don't try this, there's a better way!



Popped one piece the way Sandy Thompson described. Don't try this, there's a better way! I had to use quite some force. Update: Ok, I told Sandy and he added my way (further below) to his description.



Popped second piece. I needed just as much force as for the first piece. The skeleton is so connected that you can even slide around a *single* piece (after removing the other eleven!) nicely without it falling out.



Popping remaining pieces doesn't need force if you turn down the two pieces below the one you want to pop.



The skeleton after removing the twelve sliding pieces.



Skeleton and sliding pieces.



Disassemble it this way! This sweet tool has a very fine blade (it's my fathers, I'll soon buy my own one and similar tools). You can pop out the triangle center caps. Then there's a screw underneath, a spring and some cylinder.

disassemble1 disassemble2 disassemble3


After removing four triangle centers. At first I only removed four (one of each color) because I always try to put back every single piece the exact same way it was in the puzzle before disassembling, because of possible irregulations of the original manufacturing/assembling. Now if I could only organize the rest of my life so nicely...



Reassembled Rainbow Cube Of course now that I know about the screws I don't have to use any force. I'll have to use glue for the caps, they fall off without.


Stefan Pochmann
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