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Fix the permutation parity

On the 3x3, you can't just swap two edges or two corners. But if you reduce the 4x4 to a 3x3, you have to do exactly that 50% of the time.

Stefan's DedgeSwap
8 - 7 Stefan Pochmann
Look at the r slice right before the r2 turn. Its centers are arranged such that an r2 doesn't change the colors. And its edges are the deges that the alg wants to swap. It's a bit shorter than Chris's in my primary metric so I can do it faster.
Stefan's AdjacentDedgeSwap
12 - 11 Stefan Pochmann
Swaps two adjacent dedges. Built around "Stefan's Dedgeswap".
Chris's DedgeSwap
10 - 6 Chris Hardwick
Some words about this one?
Stefan's DedgeSwap 5x5
8 - 7 Stefan Pochmann
Similar idea as my primary DedgeSwap, look at the r slice right before the r2 turn. This alg turns three axes, but it also works for the 5x5 (well, not exactly, but at least it doesn't destroy the centers).

Stefan Pochmann
Last modified: March 20 2007, 21:28:10