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Fix the orientation parity

On the 3x3, you can't just flip an edge. On the 4x4, you can (and with a 50% chance you have to) flip a "dedge", i.e. a pair of edges that behave like an edge when you treat the 4x4 like a 3x3.

Stefan's new DedgeFlip
17 - 17 Stefan Pochmann
Found with ACube, treating the 4x4 like a Domino. I don't know whether the applet can show triple-layer turns, now it's kinda ugly. Think of it like this with U meaning (Uu) and r meaning (l'rR), and all non-U-turns being half turns:
(x' U') (R' U' r U' L U) (r' U' r U) (L' U' L U L' U) z
Frederick's DedgeFlip
15 - 15 Frédérick Badie
Using one face less than Chris's alg. Frederick about his algs: "I use Cube Solver to generate them using only subgroup RL U2 D2 F2 B2. I tried to find all algs to pairing up last 2 edges for the 555 resolution and two of them are useful for the 444 too."
Frederick's DedgeFlip Pure
22 - 15 Frédérick Badie
The 'pure' version of Frederick's alg.
Chris DedgeFlip
15 - 15 Chris Hardwick
This is the speed version of Chris's other algorithm. It's faster to execute but changes some other LL cubies as well, so this should be applied right after F2L. Did this evolve from the 'pure' version?
Chris DedgeFlip Pure
22 - 15 Chris Hardwick
A pure DedgeFlip. How was this found?

Stefan Pochmann
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