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Fix both parities

Just in case you want to fix both the orientation and the permutation parity in one go.

Frederick's DoubleParityFixer
15 - 15 Frédérick Badie
Frederick about his algs: "I use Cube Solver to generate them using only subgroup RL U2 D2 F2 B2. I tried to find all algs to pairing up last 2 edges for the 555 resolution and two of them are useful for the 444 too."
Frederick's DoubleParityFixer Pure
22 - 15 Frédérick Badie
The 'pure' version of Frederick's alg. Very nice effect, only changes the edge pairs, no corners.
Stefan's DoubleParityFixer
15 - 15 Stefan Pochmann
Hold last layer (here green) at F. This flips a dedge and swaps its adjacent corners (add F2 before or after the alg to see this purely). I found this using ACube, treating the cube as a Rubik's Domino. Almost only uses U and R turns! Actually this is the same alg as Frederick's (just with the whole cube mirrored/rotated), we independently found it.

Stefan Pochmann
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