Wetten, dass..? vom 5. November

March 1, 2004, around 5pm. I take off the blindfold and the Megaminx is indeed solved. My first attempt a few days earlier went slightly wrong, I had probably done two single turn errors (judging by the outcome and the pictures I took while solving). But this time I succeeded. And it was even a much harder case (the first one was a bit lucky, this new one was slightly harder than average I'd say). As far as I know, I'm the only one having solved the Megaminx blindfolded.

The total time (including memorization) was 5 hours 13 minutes. I did not take any notes and I did wear a real blindfold.

Hmm, I just realized that some colors (especially the two orange versions) look pretty similar on the below pictures. They don't in real life. This is a 12-colored Megaminx (see also on www.twistypuzzles.com).

This is how it looked before (front and back):

before1 before2

This is how it looked afterwards:

after1 after2

And this is how it might look forever now. Maybe I'll never turn this baby again. I've got two new Megaminxes, but they're 6-colored, this is why I used my old one. But I intend to prepare the new ones for speedsolving and also make them 12-colored (probably copying the color scheme of my old one) so in the future I'd rather use the new ones and let the old one rest in peace. Well, I might put it in the original box I should still have somewhere...

rest in peace

Stefan Pochmann
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