Wetten, dass..? vom 5. November

Update October 20, 2011: Replaced some corner algorithms.

Update 2: I added more examples.

Update 1: I fixed some minor issues and added the history section.

In January 2006, I developed a new method for solving the 3x3 edges blindfolded and briefly described early versions in the blindcubing yahoo group. Since then I have improved the method, adapted it for solving corners (first it was only for edges) and used it in competitions. Sighted, i.e. using the method in regular speedsolving, I average a little under 50 seconds. I'm convinced with memorization and good recall a 40 seconds real average for execution is possible. This page briefly describes the two methods which I call M2 (for edges) and R2 (for corners).

Here's an example solve, the scramble is B' R' B' U' F L' U F2 L F R' D' R' B D F2 L2 D' R2 D' and the solution is on the right. Click on the image to watch the video.