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Single algorithm 3x3 blindsolving

This method actually was more like a toy-method, even though I used it for a while, even in the European Championship 2004. But since then, I modified it a bit (I'm using some more algorithms now, but ones I knew already anyway). The new method is quite powerful I think, and I've described it in much detail.

The old version used the T-permutation as it's only algorithm. My main objective for writing about it was that I wanted to show it's possible to solve the cube (blindfolded) using only a single algorithm. I've read on stiff_hands's page that five algorithms are required, but one is enough as well. Actually of course you don't need to know any algorithms if you can invent what you need on the fly, e.g. with simple intuitive commutators doing 3-cycles (that's how I solved the Megaminx blindfolded).

My first approach (the 528 bytes program) for Tom's CubeSolver Contest uses basically the same ideas, but it uses four main algorithms (orient/permute edges/corners). Btw, yes, that tiny program is capable of completely solving a scrambled cube!

My description of my original method is still available, though I don't recommend it for blindsolving (also my description was not that good).