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Hi, I'm Stefan Pochmann. My website so far is mainly about cubing, the sport of solving Rubik's Cube and similar puzzles fast. I started cubing as a kid in the early 80s, but some years later my interest faded because nobody around me was into it. Then came the Game Boy for a while, but that's so over.

Late in high school I began computer programming, coding in assembler and basic for a few years. Man, what a waste. Then I started studying computer science in Darmstadt (Germany), finally learned better programming languages and became very active in programming contests, first the ICPC ACM Contest, later TopCoder (when studying at Vancouver (Canada) for two terms). At ICPC I never made it into the finals but went to regional contests several times, best place was 6th, once for Darmstadt and once for Vancouver. At TopCoder I once made it to the semifinals of one of their big tournaments, at the same time I was ranked 16 in the world there, my best TopCoder rank.

Thanks to a programming problem about the Rubik's Cube around 2003, I found out about the new internet-powered era of cubing, bringing cubers from around the world together. Since then, I'm hooked. Cubing is by far my most serious and successful hobby so far. I had always needed around 80 seconds to solve the Rubik's Cube, now I average about 16-17 seconds. But I'm less interested in regularly solving the regular cube and more interested in solving it blindfolded and in solving other puzzles, resulting so far in 20 offical world records of eight different kinds, as well as three official world champion titles.

In 2006 I returned to juggling, which I had picked up a bit when I was 13. But now I'm more serious and practice with 5 balls instead of just 3. And I'm close to finishing university, all that's left is my diploma thesis which I'm writing about Rubik's Cube. The computer science aspects, i.e. mostly computer programs solving the cube in as few turns as possible.

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Stefan Pochmann
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